Imagining Aberdeen


Children from across Aberdeen are Imagining Aberdeen as a place where children are healthy, happy, safe and doing their best.

In 2016, 300 children considered life in the community, at home and at school and explored the idea of human dignity. A group of 20 local children, the Imagineers, took part in a Mural and Film Project which captured children’s vision for the city and summarised key messages that children need adults to understand and act on. 

In 2017, the partnership continued with more learning about children’s human rights and human dignity – and Aberdeen City’s commitment to the Scottish Attainment Challenge through the Doing Our Best programme.

In 2018 the Imagineers want to have a bigger impact on Aberdeen! They are inviting adults from many different work sectors to come to an Imagineer session. Adults will leave with an understanding of the idea of human dignity and children’s human rights. Being a part of an Imagineer session will help people and organisations understand their duties to engage with children in all areas of well-being and what services can provide for children.