Expressive Arts


Expressive Arts develops a pupil’s sensitivity to many aspects of everyday living and prepares them for a very wide range of stimulating and challenging activities. The following components comprise the Expressive Arts curriculum:

Art & Design

Art and Design activities enrich the lives of our pupils by contributing to their intellectual, emotional and cultural development through using visual media.  Pupils develop their capacity to invent, create and interpret images and objects; design, make and evaluate and gain insight into technological processes.  They have opportunities to use materials, techniques, skills and media, and to express ideas, thoughts, feelings and solutions.  Pupils are encouraged to appreciate and value their own work, the work of artists and designers, and the influence of the visual arts and design upon their own lives and on the community.


Drama provides an opportunity for enriching an ongoing study in the classroom and creates a unique context for learning.  Drama sessions also provide an opportunity for the pupils to experience feeling, assume responsibilities, accept group decisions, solve problems and work together cooperatively.

Pupils are encouraged to expand their understanding of life experience, to reflect on a particular circumstance, and to make sense of their world in a deeper way. These aims are achieved progressively through a variety of ways such as using movement and mime, role-play and improvisation.


From nursery onward, all our children are encouraged to sing confidently and enthusiastically with expression.  We introduce music notation, tuned and untuned percussion in the early stages.  The children develop their skills through investigating, exploring, creating and inventing.

Big Noise

We’re excited about welcoming the Big Noise Orchestra programme to Tullos.  Only a handful of schools in Scotland have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful music programme. The programme provides a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to learn music and valuable life skills which will help them reach their full potential. Independent researchers say the programme can significantly enhance the lives, prospects, health and wellbeing of children.

Pupils in Nursery, Primary 1 and 2 enjoy sessions with the visiting Big Noise musicians during the school day.  Beyond Primary 2, pupils will have the opportunity to opt-in to Big Noise during school holidays and after-school sessions at Torry Academy. The programme offers a pathway right through to adulthood for those who join at Primary 2.  Big Noise remains free for every child regardless of ability.