Religious and Moral


Scotland is a nation whose people hold a wide range of beliefs from the many branches of the Christian faith to the world’s other major religions and to beliefs which lie outwith religious traditions.

Religious and Moral Education enables our pupils to explore the world’s major religions and views which are independent of religious belief and to consider the challenges posed by these beliefs and values.  It supports them in developing and reflecting upon their values and their capacity for moral judgement. Through developing awareness and appreciation of the value of each individual in a diverse society, religious and moral education engenders responsible attitudes to other people.  This awareness and appreciation will assist in counteracting prejudice and intolerance.

Religious and Moral Education is a process where our pupils engage in a search for meaning, value and purpose in life.  This involves both the exploration of beliefs and values and the study of how such beliefs and values are expressed. The lessons make an important contribution to the personal and social development of the pupils as it deals with moral values held to be important such as honesty, compassion, unselfishness, kindness and thoughtfulness to others.  These values are constantly being enacted through all aspects of the life of our school as a community.