School Uniform

Pupils are encouraged to wear school uniform to promote a sense of pride and belonging within the school.  School uniforms are practical, plus they can cost less than buying a variety of more trendy school clothes in the long term.  Pupils are expected to arrive at school neatly dressed, well groomed, clean, and ready for the school day ahead.  We ask parents to ensure that pupils do not wear anything which may be dangerous to themselves or other pupils, e.g. dangling earrings.

GIRLS:    Grey or black skirt or pinafore

                White blouse/yellow polo shirt

                School jumper, or, black or grey cardigan     

BOYS:    Grey or black trousers

               White shirt, or, yellow or white polo shirt

               Grey or black sweatshirt 

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, school ties, and school bags with the school badge may be purchased or ordered at school.  Some families may qualify for a school clothing grant or other funding assistance based upon financial needs.


If you are unable to buy online, you can purchase from school. Place the correct money in an envelope, with child’s name, class, item you wish to buy and size.  PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY HOLD A SMALL AMOUNT OF UNIFORM. 


Each child will need a gym kit for PE lessons, so please ensure that the kit and kit bag are brought to school at the beginning of each week . PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING ARE CLEARLY NAMED.  Children will need to keep the following at school and change into a gym kit for PE lessons:

– A pair of shorts

– Tee-shirt

– Indoor gym shoes (preferably slip ons)


For reasons of safety, pupils must wear indoor gym shoes and remove all jewellery for PE and Drama lessons.  Outdoor trainers are not safe and may damage the special wooden floor of the gym hall.  It is advisable to not wear earrings on PE days. If a pupil wears stud earrings, they must cover the earrings with tape before class. 

 Please note the following items are NOT acceptable at school:

– Football Tops

– Track suits, except for plain school colours or school sweatshirt

– Jeans

– Tee-shirts and jackets with unsuitable slogans or pictures

– Fashion footwear for girls with high heels (Danger)

– Jewellery (Danger)

– Please avoid extremes of fashion

– Please avoid footwear with black rubberised soles as these mark the school floor