Health and Wellbeing


Great emphasis is placed on the health, welfare and safety of the children and they are encouraged to care for their family, peers, environment and themselves.  Pupils should have the understanding and knowledge that health represents quality of life, which includes physical, mental and social well-being.

The curriculum promotes various ways of keeping healthy and provides the opportunity to examine growth and change.  Children begin developing an awareness of the importance of keeping themselves healthy through personal care, hygiene, diet and exercise.  Our staff also address sensitive matters such as sex education, alcohol and drug related issues.

Physical Education

Physical Education is designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development through a wide variety of activities and experiences. The curriculum emphasises the ability to move competently with confidence and enjoyment, while providing children with the opportunity to work creatively and cooperatively with others.

Children are encouraged to develop their observation and analysis skills by reflecting on their own work and work of others.  From these reflections, they will form a judgement about how a good performance should look and how a performance may improve.

Health and fitness remains embedded within the programme. While pupils explore the benefits and effects of physical exercise, they are encouraged to enjoy participating in physical activity and to be active whenever they can.  The PE programme provides a genuine, enjoyable pathway towards lifelong participation in physical activity.

Active Schools

Active Schools in Scotland provide opportunities for pupils to get active in order to makes a positive contribution to their health. The Aberdeen Active Schools Team establishes and drives forward a range of planned activities within the school and community setting. The activities help encourage children to participate in physical activity and sport. To discover more information on activities happening in the local area, you can contact the Active Schools Coordinator at 0845 608 0935 or visit the webpage at

Active Schools – ‘More children, more active, more often’