Our School




Tullos School is situated in the southeast area of Aberdeen near the Girdleness Lighthouse and Bay of Nigg.  The school building originally opened in 1950.  We have a spacious building which is well provided with accommodation to meet all our modern educational needs. The two-story building has excellent facilities including a large hall with a stage, large screen, sound and projector system, a gymnasium, and a well-equipped kitchen.  Our classroom resources include the use of an interactive whiteboard and at least two computers with access to the Internet. We also have a suite with modern computers for individual learning.

As well as our classrooms, we are fortunate to have rooms for specialist subjects including Art & ICT.  Our Support for Learning staff have a designated base to work from when not working within the classrooms.  We have a well-equipped library for our pupils and ample accommodation for resources to support our curriculum.  

Tullos School received its first Green Flag for our contribution to environmental issues in 2005 and received a second flag in 2007. We are currently working towards earning our third Green Flag.  In 2007, the school achieved accreditation with the Commended Level as a Health Promoting School and attained the prestigious award of Excellence in 2010.  In 2014, we achieved a Silver Level in the PSQM in recognition of our outstanding science teaching and learning program.  We are very proud to be both a ‘Health Promoting’ and a ‘Green’ School.