Tullos Sports Day 2018


Sports Day will be on Tuesday 12th June 2018, weather permitting. We are looking forward to a very busy, fun, active day in the sunshine!  If the weather forecast turns wet, we will look at rescheduling the event to our alternative date of 19 June 2018. 

Hopefully the sun will shine, so pupils should come prepared with sun cream applied and a cap for shade. 

The timetables and events are as follows:  Please note that timings are approximate.


P1-3 will start about 9.30

P4-7 will start about 1.30


P1-3 Races: Flat race, egg and spoon, hurdles and balance a beanbag/quoite on head.

P4-7 Races – Flat race, egg and spoon, hurdles and skipping.  There will be an additional House relay, where the fastest House boy and girl in P4-7 will participate in the race. 

We will also hold a House Tournament for P5-7 pupils in the afternoons from Monday (June 18) to Friday (June 22).  Each pupil will have the opportunity to represent their house in either basketball, netball, football or dodgeball. The tournament will be discussed and teams arranged during the upcoming House meeting during Golden time.

Pupils will earn points for their House Teams throughout the day and are encouraged to come to school wearing Sports Gear in their House Colour.  Your child will be aware of their House but as a reminder, the colours are:


All parents and spectators should remain in the spectator area of the playing fields to watch.  There will be a great amount of activity going on, so we would be grateful if you do not cross the field or approach pupils during the events. We appreciate and thank you for your support in this matter. 

At the end of the Sports Activities pupils will walk back to school together and can be collected from school as usual. We may be slightly late back to school in the afternoon.

We are looking forward to a very fun and active day outside in the sunshine!