November Newsletter

Term 2 – November 13th Newsletter

COVID-19 UPDATE We recently had a positive COVID case in Nursery but thanks to the staff sticking to guidance some children only had to miss one day at Nursery. We follow Scottish Government guidance and have a thorough risk assessment to keep everybody safe. We request that parent/carers do their bit too.

Please – • Wear a mask at drop off and pick up • Social distance from others • Move away from the gates to allow pupils and staff to enter/exit safely

We had a poster competition to create posters to help remind parent/carers of these rules. Some of the posters will be put up on the fence for everyone to see. The winners of the competition are

Room 3 Alfie and Kyan

Room 4 Abi-Gail

Room 5 Zuzanna

Room 6 Millie

Room 7 Kyla

Room 9 James

Room 10 Mia and Bartek

Room 15 Kayden and Brendan

Room 16 Kruiz-Leigh

Room 17 Cyrus and Gabby

Room 19 Deno and Sergejs Room 20 Lilly

Room 11 Gavin T

he best room effort was won by Room 15, 19 and 11. Well done to everyone.

Dates for your diary Friday 20th Nov – Inset day – no pupils in school Friday 18th Dec – last day of term

Absences Please let us know if your child is going to be absent. You can contact the school on 01224 876621 before 8.30am and leave a message or phone after 8.30 to speak to someone. You can also text on 07860 030790 or leave a message on the Expressions App.

PE On gym day we are happy for children to wear trainers and joggers. Children should not wear jewellery and will be asked to remove it or cover it up for safety. Your child should also have access to water so should bring a water bottle to school every day. We will be using the gym hall more because restrictions have been lifted but will still be adhering to strict hand hygiene and cleaning regimes.

Mobiles Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school. In the past we have had phones broken and stolen and so we request pupils do not bring these expensive items to school. If they do bring a mobile by mistake, we will contact you and request that an adult comes to collect it from school gates.

Nursery As you know we are just waiting for the go ahead to occupy our new nursery. It is looking fabulous and we are very excited about the move. Use the link below to watch a quick video of the new nursery