Newsletter – October 2021

Term 2 Oct 2021-22

Term 2

Term 2 sees the mornings and evenings getting darker and although the clocks go back an hour this Sunday the change is only noticeable for a few weeks. Please remind your child of being safe on the roads and think about putting something reflective on their jackets to ensure they are seen by motorists in the dark.

The weather is also turning colder so please ensure your child has a jacket with them every day. We try to get the children outside at least once a day even in inclement weather.

This term we will not be dressing up for Hallowe’en as this can put pressure on families to spend money on costumes. However, on Thursday 18th November we will have a come as you please day to support Children in Need. Children will be able to dress up or just wear their normal clothes.

As parents are still not allowed in the school grounds due to Covid restrictions please contact the school by phone or email if you want to speak to the class teacher or member of management and an appointment can be arranged. Staff are not always available at the start or end of the day because they have the class to support, or other commitments so may not be able to chat at the gate.

Term 2 and 3 dates for your diary

  • Thursday 18th Nov – Children in Need
  • Friday 19th Nov – inset day – no children in school
  • Tuesday 21st Dec – last day of term
  • Thursday 6th Jan – Back to school
  • Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th January – parent’s evenings
  • Monday 14th February – Holiday
  • Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th Feb – inset days
  • Friday 1st April – last day of term

Christmas arrangements

As Covid restrictions remain in place we need to make sure everybody is kept safe while still being able to celebrate this Winter Holiday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite you all to come into school to see your children perform in a Panto or Nativity however we are still planning some fun things for everyone to enjoy.   

  • Our elves Elvis and Elsa will be back creating fun around the school
  • Christmas displays will be on the windows again so that everyone can enjoy them – can you guess the theme this year?
  • Each class will create a short video to share with you online in the last 2 days of term
  • Monday 6th Dec onwards – the 12 days of Christmas Challenge for classes to participate in
  • Thursday 16th Dec afternoon – year group parties for all classes – children can dress up in their party clothes that day
  • Date for Christmas dinner – to be arranged  
  • Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st Dec – Online Panto for children to enjoy
  • Tuesday 21st Dec- last day – wear something festive day

We realise that not everybody celebrates Christmas, and we try to make sure that many of our celebration activities are not based on religious grounds however we encourage parents to inform school if they wish their child removed from any of the activities.  

Some Nursery activities differ from school activities and more information will be issued by Nursery to their parents.

Covid restrictions

We continue to follow the Scottish Government and Aberdeen City Guidance and currently there has been no changes to the restrictions. We are hopefully that there may be some easing over the coming weeks, and I will keep everyone informed of any changes.

Main Tullos Covid restrictions

Parents are still not allowed on the school grounds.  Staff need to wear masks and remain 2m away from children and adults.

Pupils and staff need to hand sanitise and wash hands regularly

Staggered starts and finish times remain in place

Nursery mitigations are slightly different so please ask Nursery staff if you would like a copy of their risk assessment.

Please be vigilant for Covid symptoms and keep your child at home and follow NHS advice if your child is displaying any symptoms.

UNIFORM reminder

Just a reminder that we are expecting children to be wearing uniform again this term.

School colours are black, grey, white, and yellow. 

Trousers/skirts – black or grey

Polo shirts or shirts – white or yellow

Jumpers/cardigans – black or grey

P7s – green or school jumpers