Digital Learning

Advice for Parents on Digital Learning from ACC

Learning online is new for many pupils and parents.  This document provides advice on how to setup  forlearning, to be part of online meetings and access learning in Google Classroom.  The key points are:

For pupils: 
 find a quiet space
 use headphones if you can
 place your device so the camera doesn’t show too much of your home (to protect your privacy)
 behave in the lesson as you would be expected to in school
 be kind and considerate of others
 follow up tasks will be in Google Classroom – you can ask questions of your teacherthere

For parents: 
 help your child find the best place to work (if possible, not a bedroom)
 be on hand, if you can, to help if needed
 take an interest in your child’s work and the work left for them to complete in GoogleClassroom
 Don’t interrupt the lesson.  If you require to speak to the teacher make a separate appointment through emailing the staff member.

Google Meet – Live Lessons from your home 
Pupils – Getting set up 
First of all, if you are not comfortable with being on camera to speak with your teacher, let him or her know using an email or private message in Google Classroom, so that other arrangements can be put in place.

Using Google Meet is inviting someone into your home. You need to think carefully about the view from your web camera and how you are set up at home for learning online. Here are some top tips.

1. Be dressed suitably – no PJs – get dressed as you would be happy to be seen outside of your home.
2. Sit somewhere with your back towards the wall. This will reduce how much of your home is in the camera frame.
3. Turn the TV and other distractions off.  Try to find a space which is quiet. Don’t worry,  we know this might not always be easy for everyone to do.

Further information  and instructions can be found by clicking on this link and downloading the document.

Download (DOCX, Unknown)